Fix advertising Core Web vitals errors with BiddingStack

BiddingStack is an ad management platform for publishers to monetize and manage their ad inventory and demands in one place. You can fix advertising Core Web vitals errors with BiddingStack.

Fix advertising Core Web vitals errors with BiddingStack
Core Web vitals errors caused by advertising

BiddingStack stands out by offering a suite of more flexible features compared to Google Ad Manager. It seamlessly integrates with key advertising technologies such as Google Ad Manager, prebid.js, and Amazon APS, running them all within a unified stack. This integration facilitates a smoother workflow and enhanced coordination between different advertising systems.

The integration allows for a more dynamic advertising strategy, where adjustments can be made in real-time based on data insights. This adaptability ensures that advertisers can effectively reach their target audience while maximizing revenue generation through optimal ad placement and bidding strategies.

However, it is important to recognize challenges such as those posed by dynamic size advertising, especially in the realm of programmatic ads. Expanding advertising dynamically can lead to issues with Core Web Vitals, potentially impacting site performance and user experience negatively.

These Core Web Vitals errors occur because dynamically resizing ads can affect the layout of web pages, leading to increased loading times, layout shifts, and reduced interactivity. Such issues can detract from the user experience and may even impact a site’s ranking in search engine results.

To address these challenges, BiddingStack offers solutions designed to minimize the impact of dynamic advertising on site performance. By optimizing how ads are loaded and managed within the website infrastructure, BiddingStack helps maintain a balance between effective advertising and maintaining a positive user experience, thus safeguarding the website's health and performance metrics.

Improve Core Web vitals scores with BiddingStack

BiddingStack fixes Core Web vitals errors on your website caused by advertising. You can see CWV scores improvement in real-time.

Non-blocking async and lazyload tag

The BiddingStack tag stands out for its lightweight design, asynchronous operation, and non-blocking nature. It allows you to activate lazy loading on slots, ensuring that content is loaded only when necessary, thereby optimizing performance and resource utilization. This capability enables efficient resource allocation, making the BiddingStack tag a versatile solution for managing and optimizing content delivery.

Server side prebid solution

You can enable BiddingStack server side header bidding solution to further reduce the requests and improve CWV scores.

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