Advertising Management Platform

Earn more with Your Advertising Inventory and Gain Access to Integrations with Leading Providers

Run all header bidding stacks together

Maximize your ad revenue by reaching the widest pool of bidders with BiddingStack. Our platform integrates Amazon UAM, Prebid header bidding, and Google Open Bidding, providing a comprehensive solution that ensures you are reaching the right audiences and driving the most revenue possible.

Managed Server-side Prebid

Improve your user experience and increase your ad revenue with BiddingStack. Our platform allows you to move and migrate latency to the server side, reducing lag and providing a seamless experience for your users. With BiddingStack, you can optimize your ad campaigns and drive more revenue for your business.

High availability and reliability

Ensure maximum uptime and revenue with our cloud-based high availability infrastructure. Our platform is built to withstand any interruptions, ensuring that your ad revenue is not compromised and your business can thrive.

One tag integration solution

Simplify your ad monetization with BiddingStack. Our platform offers an easy-to-implement single fast-tag solution, allowing you to customize and manage all your header bidding settings and inventory formats with ease. Say goodbye to the hassle and start maximizing your ad revenue today.

Easy-to-use real-time report and insights

Optimize your ad campaigns and avoid costly mistakes with BiddingStack. Our platform allows you to manage your partners and access real-time, multi-dimensional ad performance metrics and reports, ensuring that you are making data-driven decisions and maximizing your ad revenue.

Demand marketplace for display, video and native campaigns

Streamline your programmatic ad campaigns with BiddingStack Demand Marketplace. Our platform makes it easy to connect with top demand partners, saving you time and effort so you can focus on growing your business and increasing your ad revenue.

Commission free ad management

Commission-free ad management service simplifies the ad management process, maximizes revenue, and provides comprehensive reporting and analytics for advertisers.

Fast loading and high performance

Lightning-fast loading times and high performance, ensuring a seamless user experience for visitors and optimal search engine rankings for businesses.

Dynamic ad injection

Dynamic ad injection technology seamlessly integrates ads into website content, providing advertisers with an effective and non-intrusive way to reach your target audience.

Configure and set up

Effortlessly configure and set up your ad system, focus on other important aspects of your business.

Connect with SSPs

Seamless connections with multiple Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs), enabling customers to easily reach your desired audience and maximize your revenue potential.

Consulting and AdOps

Comprehensive alternative to other platforms such as AdThrive, Freestar, and Sortable, helping your businesses maximize your ad revenue.