About BiddingStack

BiddingStack, part of Transfon's advertising and marketing platform, is a digital advertising solution for publishers. It combines Amazon UAM, Prebid, and Google Open Bidding, offering a way to earn more from ads. This mix helps reach more bidders and connect with the right audience, increasing revenue.

The platform improves user experience by reducing delays, thanks to server-side Prebid management. This results in smoother browsing and more ad income. BiddingStack balances better ads with more revenue while keeping users happy.

Its reliable cloud-based setup means ads keep running smoothly, protecting your ad income and helping your business grow. BiddingStack is dependable for continuous ad performance.

Simplifying ad management, BiddingStack uses a single tag system. This makes setting up and managing ads easier, focusing on earning more without the hassle.

Real-time reports on ad performance help make smart choices to improve ad campaigns and avoid mistakes.

BiddingStack's Demand Marketplace connects with leading partners for different ad types like display, video, and native. This saves time and helps focus on growing your business.

The platform's ad management is commission-free, meaning more revenue. It includes detailed reporting and analysis, giving it an advantage over other platforms.

Fast loading times and high performance are key features, ensuring users stay engaged and improving search rankings.

Its dynamic ad injection technology blends ads into website content smoothly, making ads less intrusive and more effective.

Setting up BiddingStack is easy, letting you focus on other important business areas.

It integrates well with various Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs), helping to reach the right audience and maximize earnings.

BiddingStack also offers consulting and AdOps services, making it a strong alternative to platforms like AdThrive, Freestar, and Sortable. This helps businesses do better in ad revenue.

To find out more, contact: [email protected].