Manage and setup ad layout with BiddingStack

BiddingStack is an ad management platform for publishers to monetize and manage their ad inventory and demands in one place. You can manage and setup ad layout with BiddingStack.

Measure and manage viewability with BiddingStack
Manage and setup ad layout with BiddingStack

You can setup and manage complex ad layout with BiddingStack's ad layout engine: adhesion ad slots, sticky ad slots, fixed slots, lazy loaded ad slots, ad slots with in content.

Increase viewaiblity and engagement for your advertising inventory.

Dynamic enable and disable with one click

You can dynamically update, enable or disable an ad slot in real-time.

Setup adhesion or sticky ads

You can use BiddingStack to manage and setup high viewable adhesion and sticky ads on your web pages.

Intergrate Google Ad Manager with SPA like React.js or Next.js applications

It is always complex to add Google Ad Manager tags on a Reactjs website. You can setup Google Ad Manager easily with the BiddingStack 'Ad Slot Discover' feature.

Other Use Cases