Manage Ad refresh with BiddingStack

BiddingStack is an ad management platform for publishers to monetize and manage their ad inventory and demands in one place. You can manage ad refresh with Manage Ad refresh with BiddingStack

What is Ad refresh?
What is Ad refresh?

Ad refresh is a process of refreshing ads to serve new ads to users while they are visiting a specific web page.

Publishers are able to increase the number of ad impressions and revenue with BiddingStack's ad refresh solution.

When can you enable advertising refreshes

Ad refreshes can't be enabled for Google Adsense: “Publishers are not permitted to refresh a page or an element of a page without the user requesting a refresh.“

You can enable advertising refreshes for Google Ad Exchange if you have declared: Event-driven content changes, and time intervals.

Some advertisers will not bid refreshed advertising impressions. If you are not refreshing advertising based on the policy, the IVT rate may increase.

Impressions real-time monitoring

You can see impression numbers of each prebid bidder and impressions per pageview in real-time.

Other Use Cases