Advertising metrics: Viewability vs Impressions


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Advertising metrics: Viewability vs Impressions

What is Viewability or viewable impression?

Viewability is a metric in digital advertising that tracks ad impressions which are actually seen by real humans.

The "viewable impression" or "active view impression" are the impressions viewed by real humans but not only displaying on a computer or a mobile screen.

"Active View" is a viewability technology by Google to determine if your ad is viewable by potential customers.

How to get viewability metrics?

If you are Google Ad Manager users, you can run report and get Google's viewability metric: "Active View".

You can also get realtime viewability metrics at BiddingStack's dashboard.

How viewable ad is measured?

Media Rating Council (MRC) has defined industry standards for measuring the viewability of online ads:

  • A display ad is counted as viewable when at least 50% of its area is visible on the screen for at least one second.
  • A video ad is counted as viewable when at least 50% of its area is visible on the screen while the video is playing for at least two seconds.

Why impressions are not viewable?

  • A user leaves the page before seeing the advertising
  • A user doesn’t scroll down far enough to see the displayed ad
  • A user doesn't see the displayed ad long enough

How to increase viewable impressions or improve viewability?

  • Improve content quality and user experience of your website: Google web vitals metrics.
  • Use sticky ad unit which is remaining on a fix location of user's viewport
  • Use lazyload technology to only display ad when it is in user's view

You can also use Ad Management Platform BiddingStack's automatic viewability management solution to improve both viewability and impressions, revenue.

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