Unlock ConsentLess Inventory

Unlock your consentless inventory with BiddingStack's privacy-first contextual targeting engine, utilizing first-party data.

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What is ConsentLess Inventory?

Consentless inventory refers to the advertising space on a publisher's site that is used without the user's consent. This typically occurs when users in the EU select "Reject All" for cookie usage, or when users in California, USA, opt-out of personalized ads when visiting the site.

There is a growing percentage of consentless inventory on publisher sites as more people become aware of privacy concerns and choose to protect their personal data. This shift reflects an increasing public consciousness about data privacy and the desire to maintain control over personal information.

For normal ad inventory, advertising systems can use cookies or other identifiers to track users across the internet and deliver personalized ads based on the user's browsing history. These targeted ads are made possible by the collection and analysis of user data through cookies.

However, for consentless inventory, ad engines cannot use cookies without the user's consent. This means they cannot track users or deliver personalized ads, potentially leaving ad spaces blank on publishers' websites or apps. This can result in significant revenue loss, estimated at 20% or higher, for publishers who rely on targeted advertising to monetize their content.

How to monetize ConsentLess Inventory?

With BiddingStack's privacy-first consentless ad engine, no user consent is required to deliver ad impressions, as the ad engine does not use cookies or other identifiers.

You can still perform contextual targeting based on the content, leverage first-party data collected with your Data Management Platform (DMP), and utilize other targeting signals without using personal data. This ensures compliance with privacy regulations while maintaining effective ad targeting.

BiddingStack's consentless ad engine integrates seamlessly with Google Ad Manager, allowing you to import your house ads directly into BiddingStack. This integration eliminates the need to manage Insertion Orders (IO) separately, saving you valuable time and streamlining your ad operations.

BiddingStack consentless ad engine leverages advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to extract numerous contextual signals from web pages. By analyzing the content in real-time, the engine can accurately identify the user's intent, significantly enhancing the quality and relevance of the ads served. This sophisticated approach ensures that even without using personal data, the ads are contextually appropriate and more likely to engage the audience, ultimately improving ad performance and user experience.