Floor Price Automation

Boost Your Ad Revenue with BiddingStack's Floor Price Automation. Increase your earnings by setting the right floor prices for your ads effortlessly. Find out how automation can optimize your ad revenue.

floor price automation
What is Floor Price Automation in BiddingStack?

Floor Price Automation is a feature in BiddingStack designed to optimize your ad revenue effortlessly. At its core, it's a sophisticated AI system that automates the management of floor prices, ensuring that you always get the maximum value from your ad inventory.

But first, what are floor prices? Floor prices are the minimum bid amounts set for ad impressions. They play a pivotal role in bid shading, a process where advertisers adjust their bids based on these floor prices. The right floor price can drive up bid prices and, consequently, increase ad revenues for publishers.

With BiddingStack's Floor Price Automation, you can skip the manual guesswork and let the AI-driven system do the heavy lifting for you. It continually analyzes various factors, including location, ad slot path, time of day, user data, and content data to ensure your floor prices are optimized for peak performance.

The Importance of Floor Prices

Floor prices are the secret sauce behind a publisher's ad revenue strategy. They are instrumental in the process of bid shading, a practice where advertisers adjust their bids based on these floor prices. The right floor prices can lead to an increase in bid prices, resulting in higher ad revenues for publishers. However, manually setting and adjusting floor prices can be a daunting task, often leading to inefficiency. With BiddingStack's automated system, your floor prices are always optimized for peak performance, ensuring that you make the most of every ad impression.

How to Set Floor Prices in Google Ad Manager

Setting floor prices in Google Ad Manager, including UPR (Unified Pricing Rules), is a crucial part of your ad revenue strategy. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you set floor prices using UPR in Google Ad Manager:

  1. Access Google Ad Manager: Log in to your Google Ad Manager account.
  2. Navigate to "Pricing Rules": In your Ad Manager dashboard, find the "Pricing Rules" section.
  3. Create a New Pricing Rule: Click on "Create Rule" to define a new pricing rule.
  4. Choose UPR: Select "Unified Pricing Rule" to specify your floor prices.
  5. Set Rule Criteria: Specify the criteria for your floor price rule using UPR. This can include factors such as ad size, ad unit, geography, and more. The goal is to target the specific ad impressions you want to adjust the floor price for.
  6. Define Floor Price: Set the desired floor price for the selected criteria using UPR. This is the minimum amount you're willing to accept for ad impressions that meet the criteria you've defined.
  7. Save and Activate: Save your UPR rule and activate it to start applying the floor price adjustments to your ad impressions.

By following these steps, you can fine-tune your floor prices using UPR in Google Ad Manager to optimize your ad revenue. However, for a more automated and data-driven approach, BiddingStack's Floor Price Automation can take the complexity out of floor price management, allowing you to focus on strategic aspects of your ad operations.

How to Set Floor Prices in Prebid.js

Setting floor prices in Prebid.js is an essential step to maximize your ad revenue. Prebid.js is an open-source header bidding framework that offers flexibility in managing floor prices. Here's a simple guide on how to set floor prices in Prebid.js:

  1. Edit Your Prebid.js Configuration: Access and edit your Prebid.js configuration file (typically a JavaScript file) where you have implemented Prebid.js for header bidding.
  2. Enable the Price Floor Module: Make sure that the Price Floor module is enabled in your Prebid.js configuration. This module allows you to define and enforce price floors for specific ad units.
  3. Configure the Price Floors: Within the configuration file, you can set price floors for specific ad units. This involves defining the minimum price you're willing to accept for ad impressions that match specific criteria, such as ad size or placement.

By following these steps, you can fine-tune your floor prices in Prebid.js, which will help you optimize your ad revenue. Prebid.js itself does not have a dedicated dashboard, so you'll need to make these adjustments within the configuration files and your ad stack.

The Challenge of Manual Floor Price Management

Managing floor prices manually can pose significant challenges for publishers. This labor-intensive process can be time-consuming, costly, and divert valuable resources from essential strategic tasks. Business intelligence teams often find themselves dedicating substantial hours to fine-tuning floor prices, leaving limited room for higher-priority activities.

BiddingStack's automated floor price management system steps in to alleviate this burden, offering a streamlined and efficient approach. By implementing automation, you can free up your team's time and resources, allowing them to focus on more strategic and growth-oriented aspects of your ad operations.

BiddingStack's automation empowers publishers to monitor and adjust floor prices effectively, ensuring that they remain optimized for maximum ad revenue. This ongoing review, whether conducted daily or weekly, enables publishers to adapt to changing market conditions, user behaviors, and advertiser demands.

How to Set Floor Prices in BiddingStack

Establishing floor prices within BiddingStack is a seamless procedure. Our intuitive platform empowers you to outline your preferences and objectives with precision. By setting rules and criteria, our AI-driven Floor Price Automation, powered by advanced data analysis and machine learning models, takes charge. This allows you to finely customize your floor prices to align with your revenue objectives. With no manual adjustments required, you can bid farewell to the hassle, and instead, focus on optimizing your ad impressions for maximum results.

How BiddingStack Floor Price Automation Works

BiddingStack's Floor Price Automation is an advanced AI system that continuously analyzes data and makes real-time adjustments to optimize floor prices. It takes into account a range of factors, including geographic location, ad slot path, time of day, user profiles, and content profiles. This ensures that you always receive the best possible prices for your ad inventory. Say goodbye to manual tweaking and hello to automated, data-driven success. BiddingStack's Floor Price Automation leverages data to keep your floor prices finely tuned for maximum revenue without the manual labor.